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The Taba Convention buy the book
The Taba Convention The Jordan Kline Series. Book 1.

Two deadly adversaries, one horrific conspiracy against peace. This is a story about a conspiracy to derail The Taba Convention, a peace signing ceremony to be held at the Taba Hilton complex in Egypt. Read more

  • The Righteous Within
  • The Taba Convention
  • The Kharta Conspiracy
About Stephen

About Stephen

Stephen was born to expatriate parents in Calcutta India. From the age of eight he was educated in English private schools. He attended St. Andrews Preparatory school in Pangbourne. Read more


Friday, October 28, 2011Review - THE TABA CONVENTION by Stephen W. Ayers in: BETWEEN THE PAGES BLOG. THE TABA CONVENTION The Jordan Kline Series. Book 1. By Stephen W. Ayers Review By Lynda: I had a few misgivings about reviewing this book since I'm not fond of 'blood-and-guts' style thrillers. And while there is violence in this political thriller, it's not the primary focus. The mystery, intrigue, cat-and-mouse maneuvers, and life-and-death decisions are what makes this story a 'THRILLER'. It's very well written. The main character, Jordan Kline, is likable but with enough flaws to make him believable. It's an edge of you seat read with an ending that is different than what I expected, which was enjoyable. Jordan Kline is a seasoned warrior who is sick of the smell of death, he wants a life separate from all he previously knew. He's scared, he's vulnerable, because the woman he loves doesn't know his complete history. He has so much to lose. One mistake can end everything. In the wrong place at the wrong time lands Jordan smack in the middle of a complex terrorist threat. And that's as much as I'm telling you. You'll just have to read the book to get the rest of this story.

— Review of The Taba Convention by 'Between the Pages'

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The Taba Convention, Book 1 in the Jordan Kline Series

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